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Sea Breeze Wooden Pool – 6.07m L x 3.96m W x 1.31m Deep Swimming Pool,with optional filtration kit. For In-ground or Above Ground Use


   Sea Breeze Wooden Pool

1. Description

Sea Breeze wooden pool is an oblong octagonal freestanding swimming pool with 45mm solid wood walls, measuring 607cm x 396cm and with a water depth of 113cm, the Sea Breeze holds just under 20,000 litres of water.

The Sea Breeze wooden pool is manufactured from Scandinavian timber, the pine frame is strong and long-lasting and the modular design and replaceable liner ensures you will enjoy your pool for years to come.Standard equipment includes detachable external wooden steps with anti-slip grooves, stainless steel internal ladder, skimmer and return inlet(s), blue liner (sand and grey liners also available), Water pump and filter (appropriate size for the pool)  and a geotextile (ground) sheet fits between the liner and the walls and ground.

The frame of the Sea Breeze wooden pool is reinforced with both wooden supports and steel posts, due to this additional support the pool requires a concrete base and cannot be placed directly on to the ground.The Sea Breeze wooden pool is delivered in kit form, precise craftmanship and pre-cut holes for the skimmer and return inlet(s) means installation is quick and your new pool should be ready to use in just two days.

Please note these pools are not suitable for the use with salt water

Island Pools Free water tester offer

Sea Breeze Wooden Pool


2. Sizes available in this range:

  1. Tropical Sunshine – 4.34m x 4.01m x 1.16m – water depth 1m – 9.98m3 of water
  2. Blue Lagoon – 5.63m x 3.52m x 1.24m – water depth 1.06m – 14.44m3 of water
  3. Sea Breeze – 6.07 x 3.96m x 1.31m – water depth 1.13m – 19.33m3 of water
  4. Summer Oasis (RECTANGULAR) – 6m x 4.19m x 1.31m – water depth 1.13m – 22.51m3 of water
  5. Summer Joy – 3.55m x 3.07m x 1.16m – water depth 1m – 5.56m3 of water
  6. Blue Hawaii – 5.6m x 5.17m x 1.29m – water depth 1.13m – 20.07m3 of water
  7. Vacation Eden – 6.98m  x 4.67m x 1.38m – water depth 1.2m – 27.82m3 of water
  8. Ocean Wave – 7.27m x 3.96m x 1.38m – water depth 1.2m – 25.45m3 of water
  9. Pacific Paradise – 8.14m x 4.6.m x 1.38m – water depth 1.2m – 34.21m3 of water
  10. Amber Charm (RECTANGULAR) – 5.02m x 3.22m x 1.24m – water depth 1.06m – 12.75m3 of water
  11. Pearl of South (RECTANGULAR) – 8.34m x 4.92m x 1.38m – water depth 1.2m – 40.99m3 of water

3. Features

  • 5 Years Warranty – top-quality materials, smart modular design and replaceable liner ensure that you will enjoy your wooden pools for years to come
  • Solid Wood Walls – the main structure made of 45mm logs from high quality, dense timber from Scandinavia
  • Detachable Steps – external wooden steps feature anti-slip grooves, and can be easily detached from the pool structure
  • Water Saving Design – closed circuit water circulation system with filtration (not supplied) doesn’t require a fixed water supply
  • Heat Insulation – wood is a perfect heat insulator, combined with optional solar cover and heat pump your pool will keep the optimal water temperature
  • Pool Skimmer Cleaning – removable board ensure quick access to the skimmer and makes the cleaning process easy
  • Barefoot-Safe Deck – A2-class, stainless steel fasteners feature special screw thread which prevents heads from loosening
  • Children Safe – the combination of a detachable external ladder and freestanding installation makes the pool safe for children (overall assembled height is 116cm)
  • Quick Installation – detailed assembly instruction, precise craftsmanship, pre-cut holes for skimmer and return inlet ensure that your pool will be ready to use in just two days
  • Delivered in kit form – delivered on well protected pallets, dependent on pool size offloading facilities may be required on site for larger pallets

4. Equipment Included with the Sea Breeze Wooden Pool:

  • Dense Scandinavian 45mm thick walls & all structural hardware fittings in stainless steel
  • 45mm Top coping
  • Detachable external wooden steps with anti-slip treads for additional safety
  • Stainless Steel internal fixed 3 tread Ladders
  • 0.75mm thick mid-blue beaded liner & anti-bacterial floor felt underlay (sand or grey liners also available)
  • Skimmer & return Inlet (1,2 or 4 depending on the pool model)
  • 4 x I-Beam Steel Supports (Footplates available as an option)
  • Installation Guide
  • Wall and Floor Geotextile seperation
  • Detailed assembly instructions

Island wooden pools kit included items


5. Optional Extras Available:

We offer a wide range of options which are compatible with this pool including cleaners, lights, pool covers etc.

Sand Filter and PumpSand Filter and Pump

Sand Filter and Pump

Please see the item highlighted in yellow for the technical spec for the pump and filter that comes with this pool

Please note this item comes with a 2 pin plug (Euro) which can be cut off and a 3 pin plug can be wired on by your electrician, or an adaptor can be used.

If you choose the filtration package you will also get the 38mm Pipework & Fittings and sand

Summer Joy Wooden PoolWooden plant Housing is available to house your pump and filter set neatly



Please note the LED lights come with a 30w transformer, the lights are AC 12V/18W.

They come in White or Multicolored, so please choose from the options above





Winter cover note: this is a tarpaulin cover so you may need an inflatable pillow to stop the cover sagging with the weight of water/snow etc. you will also have to remove the internal ladders for the winter. Alternatively you could order a made to order Mesh cover which will allow the rain to flow through the cover and is made with cut-outs so that the ladder does not need to be removed for winter. Please ask for a quote if you would like this product.

Stainless Corner Covers Plastic Corner Covers


Corner Covers

Please note the pool does not come with corner covers at all.


Wood Stain

Wood Stain

Using Oil Wood Stain is recommended for annual renovation of the Ocean Wooden pool structures. Wooden elements covered with Oil Wood Stain are protected against cracking, twisting, drying out, algae, mould and fungi. In addition, the product contains dyes, which absorb UV light and protect the wood from greying at the same time. Oil Wood Stain provides maximum protection against harmful weather conditions and gives the structure of the pool an attractive and s

The Oil Woodstain comes in a kit which includes:

  • 1 x oil 2,5 l
  • 1 x Paintbrush
  • 2 x Nitrile glove
  • 1 x Scrubbing brush
  • 1 x Flannel cloth
  • 1 x Painting roller




Robotic Pool CleanersPool Cleaners
(Robotic or Suction Cleaners)
Heat Pump Winter coversWinter CoversHeat Pump Winter Covers

These are ideal for covering the heat pump if there any periods where the heat pump is not being used during cold weather to protect them from damage caused by low/freezing temperatures.

These come in Green as standard or the upgraded version is in Grey

Bypass Kit1.5" Bypass Kit for Heat Pumps (White)


Bypass Kit

We do several different sizes in Bypass kits, which will depend on which size/type pipe you have with your pool. With this pool you will need 1.5″ white Bypass kit as the pool comes with 1.5″ solid pipe

Please click on the blue links below to get more information or call us to discuss further options on any of the items below: –

6. Heating the Sea Breeze Wooden Pool:

If you are looking to heat your pool, you have the choice of two options:

  • Electric Heater which is cheap to buy but expensive to run
  • Heat Pump which is slightly more expensive to buy but is a lot cheap to run .

This pool has 20m3 of water so these heating options will be ideal:

1/ Electric Heater which is cheap to buy but expensive to run and will heat your pool all year long.

You will achieve 1 Kw of heat output into the water for every 1 Kw of power used from your supply. So works out a lot more expensive to run than the Heat pump option.


Elecro Evolution 2 Analogue Swimming Pool 1/3 Phase Electric Heaters 3kw - 24kw
9kw Elecro Evolution Electric Pool Heater,

(Must be kept Indoors or in Plant Housing)

2/ If you are looking to use a Heat Pump to keep the running cost down then you have to decide which months of the year you want to swim:

  • Summer (May – Sep)
  • Extended Season (Apr – Oct)
  • All Year

Once you have decided this you can than look to see which heat pump is the best one for you. Now this will vary depending on the pool’s location in the country as the outside air temperature is drastically different in Scotland from Cornwall’s air temperatures (taking into account the worst temperatures at night and the coldest parts of the period you choose).

We can help size the correct unit for you to ensure you achieve the desired water temperature (normal temp for this pool is 28 degrees, and it should not be heated over 30 degrees as this reduces the life span of the liner).

The size of the heat pump needed will depend on the water volume of the pool, we are making the assumption that the pool will be heated to 28 degrees and will be covered with all solar cover for 20 hours a day with a single-phase power supply.

As a rough guide for this pool we have added some options at the top of this listing for you, but here is a explanation to the season to expect from each. Please bear in mind that you can never over size a heat pump but the results of under sizing it will mean you will not have the water temperature you require for the period you want. In addition to this, if you are further up North please increase the size of your heat pump to compensate for the colder outside air temperatures.

If any of these factors change please advise us as we can look at the recommendations again for you to be accurate.

Summer use options (May – Sep)- Please click on the link below to see the product information:

Extended Season options (Apr – Oct)- Please click on the link below to see the product information:

All Year options- Please click on the link below to see the product information:


7. Installation and Assembly for the Sea Breeze Wooden Pool:

The pool can be assembled by most competent DIY installers, or the customer can choose to use a local carpenter or handy-man to assemble the pool.

A qualified electrician should be used to run the power supply to the pool and to make the necessary connections.

This pool requires a concrete base as per the instruction manual below.

The steels are to be set into the concrete base in the correct position to ensure the pool/water weight is supported fully.

Underlay is supplied with the pool which is laid under the liner to help protect it from damage

Please see the user manual for details of how to install the pool

Please ensure that you have sufficient time, labour, tools and the skill required to assemble the pool before purchasing

Please contact us if you have any queries


8. Delivery and Packing Details fore the Sea Breeze Wooden Pool:

These pools are made to order

The Pool is a special order item, so kerbside delivery will be arranged once stock is assigned to your order.

We offer delivery to most postal address’s in the UK, unless you are in a remote area where our courier will charge a fee

The wooden pool will be delivered in several large wooden pallets on a high sided lorry which you will need to unload by hand (so plenty of help will be required)

Before delivery, the delivery company should call you to arrange a suitable delivery date

When the lorry arrives at your property the driver will unload onto your drive. Please note a lot of delivery drivers will not deliver to a gravel drive, please specify if your property has a gravel drive.

We would recommend you have additional help to move the pool to a dry position free from sunlight for storage until the pool will be installed.

Please inform us in advance if your property has restricted access for large vehicles or have a shingle drive as the drivers are not insured to unload on these driveways.

If you are then storing the pool for a while before building it, then all items should be stored in a dry storage area like a garage away from sunlight and damp as the wood is a natural product and can warp and bend which will mean that you will have difficulty building the pool.


9. Warranty for the Sea Breeze Wooden Pool

The warranty on the Summer Oasis pool range is

  • 5 years on the structure of these wooden pools

Wooden Pool Warranty

10. Product Literature

Duratech BrochureSea Breeze Assembly Instructions 2024
Duratech Brochure Wooden Pool Brochure
Duratech BrochureSea Breeze Wooden Pool Drawing
Duratech Brochure Plant Standard Housing Drawing 
Duratech Brochure Plant Professional Housing Drawing 
Duratech BrochureWhy A Wooden Pool

11. Videos


12. Questions?

If you need any assistance or advice, please Contact Us and our friendly team will be happy to assist

for more information, also see our FAQs page

All items sold in accordance with our terms and conditions

for all enquiries, please contact us at


13. Customer Photos for the Sea Breeze Wooden Pool

Sea Breeze Wooden pool

Sea Breeze Wooden pool

Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool Sea Breeze Wooden pool




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Additional information

Weight1200 kg
Dimensions960 × 1120 × 3980 cm
Liner Colour

Blue, Grey, Sand

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