Sargasso Wooden Pool 2m x 3.5m (1.17m Deep) Above or In Ground Octagonal Swimming Pool

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Sargasso Wooden Pool – 2m L x 3.5m W x 1.17m Deep Octagonal Swimming Pool.

For In-ground or Above Ground Use


Sargasso Wooden pool

Sargasso Wooden Pool – NEW MODELS AVAILABLE FOR 2023!!!


1. Description of the Sargasso Wooden Pool:

The Sargasso wooden pool measures 3.5m by 2m and a height of 1.176 m, made of pine wood. The thickness of the board is 44 mm (+/- 1mm), which ensures a very solid construction of the pool. Deck board thickness 28 mm, stairs and pool cabinet.

A garden swimming pool is a solution that allows you to have great fun and cool down during hot summer days, without leaving your own home. It will provide you and your loved ones with many moments of fantastic fun. Each of our garden pools is made of the best quality materials and with due diligence. Thanks to this, it is maximally durable, resistant to damage and aesthetic.

The offered pool is impregnated with the pressure-vacuum method (one of the most durable and effective). Impregnation increases the resistance of wood to mould, fungi and insects, making the house more durable. The pool is a natural green colour, but you can paint it in a different colour yourself.

Installation of the pool together with the instructions attached to the product does not cause any major problems. Approximate assembly time: 2 days. Prepare the substrate before installation. A concrete screed with a thickness of min. 10cm under the entire pool + 10cm allowance. If installing this pool to be in the ground then please only position 2/3 of the pool height in the ground as this is the limit recommended by the manufacturer.

Please note these pools are not suitable for the use with salt water

2. Sizes available in this range:

  1. Beaufort (hexagon) – 4.1m x 4.1m x 1.17m – Pool Capacity 8.3l
  2. Andaman (octagon) – 5.8m x 5.8m x 1.31m – Pool Capacity 21.8m3
  3. Sargasso (extended octagon) – 2m x 3.5m 1.176m – Pool Capacity 4.18m3
  4. Tasman (extended octagon) – 3.364m  x 4.864m x 1.2m – Pool Capacity 10.7m3
  5. Ionian (extended octagon) – 3.698m x 5.604m x 1.243m – Pool Capacity 15m3
  6. Java (extended octagon) – 4.071m x 7.571m x 1.31m – Pool Capacity 24.8m3
  7. Arabian (extended octagon) – 3.864m x 5.864m x 1.2m – Pool Capacity 16.9m3
  8. Levantine (extended octagon) – 4.07 m x 6.57m x 1.38m – Pool Capacity 22.6m3
  9. Persian (extended octagon) – 4.13m x 6.533m x 1.45m – Pool Capacity 25.9m3
  10. Indian (extended octagon) – 4.571m x 6.571m x 1.31m – Pool Capacity 25.9m3
  11. Pacific (extended octagon) – 4.571m x 8.571m x 1.45m – Pool Capacity 37.3m3
  12. Atlantic (extended octagon) – 4.071m x 7.571m x 1.45m – Pool Capacity 27.7m3
  13. Aegean (rectangle) – 3m x 4.1m x 1.25m – Pool Capacity 10.1m3
  14. Kara (rectangle) – 3m x 5m x 1.31m – Pool Capacity  12.7m3
  15. Somov (rectangle) – 3m x 6.2m x 1.31m – Pool Capacity 16.9m3
  16. Hudson (rectangle) – 4m x 7m x 1.45m – Pool Capacity 30.6m3
  17. Solomon (rectangle) – 5m x 8m x 1.45m – Pool Capacity  45m3
  18. Marmara (rectangle) – 5.2m x 10.2m x 1.45m – Pool Capacity 57m3
  19. Narva (rectangle) – 5.2m x 12.2m x 1.45m – Pool Capacity 83.6m3


3. Features of the Sargasso Wooden Pool:

  • 10 Years Warranty – top-quality materials, smart modular design and replaceable liner ensure that you will enjoy your wooden pools for years to come
  • Solid Wood Walls – the main structure made of 44mm Pine logs from high quality, dense timber from Scandinavia
  • Coping/Deck board – 28mm
  • Our pools are equipped with the necessary accessories such as: liner, foil lining, PVC profiles, filter, pump with appropriate power, skimmer, nozzle, 3-stage stainless steel ladder, wooden steps, hoses and connectors.
  • Quick Installation – detailed assembly instruction, precise craftsmanship, pre-cut holes for skimmer and return inlet ensure that your pool will be ready to use in just two days
  • Delivered in kit form – delivered on well protected pallets, dependent on pool size offloading facilities may be required on site for larger pallets
  • Pool capacity 4184L
  • Including 2 Steel beams required during installation


4. Equipment Included with the Sargasso Wooden Pool:

The set includes:

  • Wooden structure
  • Liner – thickness of 75/100 – blue
  • Geotextile (underlay)
  • Liner lock – profiles for attaching the liner
  • Filter set – Filtration 3m3/h (with sand)
  • Pump
  • Skimmer, nozzle
  • 3 step stainless steel ladder
  • Fittings and piping for pump and filter assembly (38mm Flexi hose)
  • Wooden stairs
  • 2 Metal Brackets to be concreted in to the ground
Ocean Pools Pump FIlter SetFiltration Included with this package

  • Pump and Filter set – Filtration 4 m3/h (fwith sand)

Please note this item comes with a 2 pin plug (Euro) which can be cut off and a 3 pin plug can be wired on by your electrician, or an adaptor can be used.

Liner Included with this package

  • 0.75mm Liner in Blue. Comes beaded to fit into side mount liner lock.
Wooden Structure

  • The main structure made of 44mm Pine logs from high quality, dense timber from Scandinavia
  • Coping/Deck board – 28mm
  • External Wooden stairs


Ocean Pools Ladder Ladder

  • 3 step stainless steel ladder
Ocean Pools Underlay Geotextile Underlay
Ocean Pools White GoodsWhite Goods

  • Skimmers, nozzle and fittings for the filtration
38mm Flexi Hose Ocean Pools Hose:

  • 38mm  Flexi hose


5. Optional Extras Available with the Sargasso Wooden Pool:

We offer a wide range of options which are compatible with this pool including cleaners, lights, pool covers etc.

Please click on the blue links below to get more information or call us to discuss further options on any of the items below:

blue 400 solar coverSolar Cover
400 Micron Solar Cover – We recommended using this (especially if heating the pool) for 20 hours a day if possible to prevent heat loss from the surface of the pool.
Winter debris Cover

Winter Debris:

We make mesh covers that are a special order item and are made to order which means they are non-returnable.

Mini Chroma Light White Kit x 2


Mini Chroma Light Multi Kit X 2

Lighting – White LED or Colour Change LED both come complete with necessary controllers, transformers and deck kits. Simply select which option you would like from the checklist above.

  • Deck Box, conduit & wall fitting
  • Underwater light transformer
  • Mini Brio Plus LED 6w 700 lumen White Underwater Light or Mini Brio Plus LED 7w 450 lumen Red, Green and Blue Underwater Light

SwimMAster Counter Current

SwimMaster Through the wall Counter Current

Badu-Riva-counterswim-54m3hrBadu Jet Outboard Counter Swim Units
Hydraulic CleanerVektro Auto Robotic CleanerPool Cleaners
(Robotic or Suction Cleaners)
1.5" Bypass Kit for Heat Pumps (White)Heat Pump Bypass Kit
Floating Chlorine Dispenser - LargeFloating Chlorine Dispenser
Heavy Duty Heat Pump Winter CoverHeat pump Winter Cover – Made to size
TetherSwim Tether
Poolsaver Safety CoverPoolsaver Safety CoverPoolsaver Safety Cover

Poolsaver Safety Covers:


The Poolsaver is a high quality, low priced manual safety cover that offers great protection for children and animals and against leaves and other debris. Its tough construction ensures it will safely support up to 100kg.

Innovative design features: Protruding leading bar to ensure ease of use, with extra wear strips fitted to underside to prolong the system’s life.

Motorisation option: Can also be fitted to assist winding on and off the pool at the touch of a button

Versatile: Extremely adaptable – suits most pool types including above ground wooden pools

Four colour options: Available in blue, pastel green, green or beige

The Poolsaver is a high quality, low priced manual safety cover that offers great protection for children and animals and against leaves and other debris. Its tough construction ensures it will safely support up to 100kg.

The high quality stainless ratchet straps help achieve almost effortless tension of the Poolsaver across the pool.

*Please note these covers can be made for any pool but we need the pool to be built and a drawing of all the sizes and photographs of the installation must be provided to order this item

6. Heating the Sargasso Wooden Pool:

If you are looking to heat your pool, you have the choice of two options:

  • Electric Heater which is cheap to buy but expensive to run
  • Heat Pump which is slightly more expensive to buy but is a lot cheap to run – A heat pump could save you up to 80% on your pool heating costs. Swimming pool heat pumps absorb energy from the outside air and transfer this heat to your pool water, making it a very efficient way to heat your pool compared with boilers or in-line heaters.

This pool has 5m3 of water so these heating options will be ideal:

1/ Electric Heater which is cheap to buy but expensive to run and will heat your pool all year long.

You will achieve 1 Kw of heat output into the water for every 1 Kw of power used from your supply. So works out a lot more expensive to run than the Heat pump option.


Elecro Evolution 2 Analogue Swimming Pool 1/3 Phase Electric Heaters 3kw - 24kw
3kw Elecro Evolution Electric Pool Heater,

(Must be kept Indoors or in Plant Housing)

2/ If you are looking to use a Heat Pump to keep the running cost down then you have to decide which months of the year you want to swim:

  • Summer (May – Sep)
  • Extended Season (Apr – Oct)
  • All Year

Once you have decided this you can than look to see which heat pump is the best one for you. Now this will vary depending on the pool’s location in the country as the outside air temperature is drastically different in Scotland from Cornwall’s air temperatures (taking into account the worst temperatures at night and the coldest parts of the period you choose).

We can help size the correct unit for you to ensure you achieve the desired water temperature (normal temp for this pool is 28 degrees, and it should not be heated over 30 degrees as this reduces the life span of the liner).

The size of the heat pump needed will depend on the water volume of the pool, we are making the assumption that the pool will be heated to 28 degrees and will be covered with all solar cover for 20 hours a day with a single-phase power supply, any factors that change in this equation may result in a slightly larger more powerful heat pump (if necessary) needed.

As a rough guide for this pool we have added some options at the top of this listing for you, but here is a explanation to the season to expect from each. Please bear in mind that you can never over size a heat pump but the results of under sizing it will mean you will not have the water temperature you require for the period you want. In addition to this, if you are further up North please increase the size of your heat pump to compensate for the colder outside air temperatures.

If any of these factors change please advise us as we can look at the recommendations again for you to be accurate.

Summer use options (May – Sep) – Please click on the link below to see the product information:

Extended Season options (Apr – Oct)- Please click on the link below to see the product information:

All Year options- Please click on the link below to see the product information:

7. Installation and Assembly of the Sargasso Wooden Pool:

The Ocean Wooden Pools can be assembled by most competent installers, or the customer can choose to use a local carpenter or handy-man with pool build experience to assemble the pool.

A qualified electrician should be used to run the power supply to the pool and to make the necessary connections.

These pool requires a concrete base as per the instruction manual below.

The steels are to be set into the concrete base in the correct position to ensure the pool/water weight is supported fully.

Geotextile (a groundsheet) is supplied with the pool which is laid under the liner to help protect it from damage, but we do recommend the underlay to add padding and a small amount of insulation and also adds to the aesthetic side of this pool.

Please see the user manual for details of how to install the pool

Please ensure that you have sufficient time, labour, tools and the skill required to assemble the pool before purchasing

Please contact us if you have any queries


8. Delivery and Packing Details of the Sargasso Wooden Pool:

Theof the Sargasso Wooden Pool are made to order and will be delivered directly to the address of your choice (kerbside).

We offer delivery to most postal address’s in the UK, unless you are in a remote area where our the couriers may charge an additional fee.

If you want a shipping quote for any other destination please ask us for a quote (which may take a few days to obtain from a courier).

You will have 2 options:

The wooden pool will be delivered in several large wooden pallets on a high sided lorry which you will need to unload by hand or a forklift if you have one (Please advise if this is the case if not you will need plenty of help to unload the good – 4 to 5 people)


You can choose to have the pool delivered on a Hiab lorry which will allow the driver to use a crane to lift the pallets on to your property/driveway. (Chargeable)

Before delivery, the delivery company should call you to arrange a suitable delivery date

It is the responsibility of the recipient to provide the delivery address as accurately as possible and to inform where the delivery will be made. Please inform us in advance if your property has restricted access for large vehicles as any charges that we incur will be passed on to you if we have not been made aware of this in advance of the delivery. Please note a lot of delivery drivers will not deliver to a gravel drive, please specify if your property has a gravel drive.

Once you have received the good, please check them off against the packing list to make sure you have everything you need. In the event of discrepancies, deficiencies or defects, please contact us before installation, but no later than 14 days after receipt of the delivery of the goods.


  • Total weight: 549 kg
  • Total dimensions of the load on the pallet: 243x120xh.120 cm

9. Storage of the Sargasso Wooden Pool:

It is recommended not to unpack the package if the product is not to be assembled within the next 72 hours.

If the package is unpacked, the components should be stored flat on an even surface, under a roof and in a wellventilated place, so that they do not warp and are protected against the effects of atmospheric factors without contact with the ground (do not store the components in a heated room or in direct sunlight).

If the product is stored outdoors, leave in the protective film.

Goods unpacked on delivery, must be assembled within 72 hours of unpacking. If the air temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, assembly must take place within 24 hours of unpacking. This requirement is dictated by the physical properties of wood. Loosely stored wood (an unpacked package) may be deformed, warped, twisted, which will make installation difficult or in extreme cases impossible.

Goods can be removed from the vehicle using a forklift or other “lift” and stored until needed as the packaging will not be removed.



10. Warranty of the Sargasso Wooden Pool:

The warranty covers (valid only with the proof of purchase):

  • 10 years on the structure of these wooden pools
  • 2 years on the Pump and Filter
  • 1 year on the pool fittings & liner

Providing the following terms are met (please see the attached warranty document which should also be supplied with the pool, for full information):

  • the wood has no direct contact with the ground and water (including sprinkler system)
  • the wood is annually preserved with generally available impregnation agents, wood stains, etc.

NOTE: the warranty expires in case of no annual preservation of the wood structure.

Upkeep of the structure:

Remember that regular wood maintenance and systematic removal of garbage from within the product are essential. Please note that a product purchased in an un-impregnated version must be protected immediately. It is recommended to refresh the impregnation once a year.

  • Use high-quality products to protect wood.
  • Check the technical condition of the product at least once a year: pay attention to tightness, verify the operation of moving parts, lubricate spindles and hinges
  • During the winter, regularly remove snow from the product.
  • Always keep the inside of the product clean. Remember that lying leaves, branches, grass or standing water can contribute to faster wood degradation.
  • The pool should be regularly cleaned using commercially available chemicals, ensuring water purity and an adequate pH level. Check the pH level at least once a week.
  • Remember that all electrical connections must comply with applicable standards, must meet the safety requirements for garden connections in accordance with local regulations and should be made by an authorized person. Remember to ground! Before starting the filter system for the first time, make sure that the set works properly, i.e. water flows through it and that there is no overvoltage.

Winterising of the of the Sargasso Wooden Pool:

  • REMEMBER: Proper preparation of the pool for the autumn and winter period will determine its good condition. In this way, we will also avoid long cleaning and preparation during the bathing season:
  • Perform cleaning of the sand.
  • Treat water (pH correction, use chlorine and agents intended for the winter)
  • Stop the pump and set the valve to position: “RINSE” – for a 4-speed set (BigBox set no. 1), “WASTE” – for a 6-speed set (BigBox set no. 2 and 3)
  • Restart the pump until the water level drops by approx. 30 cm.
  • Empty the filter by unscrewing the plug located on the bottom of the tank.
  • Set the valve in the “WINTER” position
  • Close all valves.
  • Disconnect the power supply from the pump.
  • Empty the pump by unscrewing the plug at the bottom of the pre-filter.
  • Unplug the accessories and store in a heated room.
  • Remove the ladders.

11. Product Literature

Duratech BrochureWooden Pool Installation Manual
Duratech BrochureSargasso Installation Manual
Duratech BrochureManual for burying the pool

12. Questions?

If you need any assistance or advice, please Contact Us and our friendly team will be happy to assist

for more information, also see our FAQs page

All items sold in accordance with our terms and conditions

for all enquiries, please contact us at enquiries@thewoodenpoolstore.co.uk

13. Photos



Sargasso Wooden Pool Sargasso Wooden Pool Sargasso Wooden Pool


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