VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner Battery Operated and Charger inc

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VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner Battery Operated and Charger inc

VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner

VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner UPDATE: AUG 2022 – These units are now in stock for immediate delivery.

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1. Description of the VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner:

The Vektro Auto Pool Cleaner is a fully automatic pool cleaner for pools up to 45m2

It is battery powered by a rechargeable battery (battery and charger included)

Fully Automatic, it begins its cleaning cycle once immersed and automatically approaches the edge when the cycle is complete.

It changes direction thanks to its detection system when it comes into contact with a wall.

Removing from the pool is easy thanks to its floating handle and cord supplied.

Its removable filter allows for quick cleaning.

This robot incorporates a Lithium-ion battery, giving it an exceptional battery life of 90 min.

Wireless pool robot with roller

Recommended for Above Ground or Inground with a flat bottom pools up to 7.3m in diameter or 45m2 in total area.

Effective cleaning – the roller rotates while the cleaner moves to help capture debris


2. Features of the VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner:

  • Cordless system: Without the restriction of the power cord, can be used in pools of various sizes
  • Versatility: Works in in-ground and above-ground pools of all types, shapes and surfaces with a flat bottom.
  • Patented “Stop, Rotate & Go” system: allows the cleaner to change direction automatically upon contact with the pool wall, optimizing cleaning time
  • Rechargeable Lithium Batteries: Immunity to memory effect, consistent performance, prolonged life
  • Deluxe adjustable cord length retrieval kit
  • Extra large debris capacity
  • Large non slip wheels
  • Integrated handle facilities cleaner removal from the pool
  • Easy to clean stainless steel filter
  • Angles fins design – to maintain surface contact
  • Removable bumpers – for use in large round pools
  • Includes rake & brush to help gather debris for increased efficiency
  • Charging port cap – to protect charging ports
  • Durable Flap – long lasting
  • Powerful motor
  • Water sensor: Motor only works when submerged in water
  • Magnetic switch: fully waterproof to prevent water ingress
  • LED battery indicator: lights up while the robot is running, starts flashing when only 10 minutes of operation remain.
  • Bag-less waste management: Spacious compartment holds a large amount of waste with easy-to-clean stainless steel mesh
  • Compact: Compact and lightweight design allows effortless transport in and out of the poolTrajectory Adjustment: Adjustable wheel shaft for optimal cleaning trajectory
  • Clip-on roller and brush: helps retain debris to increase suction efficiency


3. Specifications of the VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner:

  • Autonomy – 90min
  • Lithium Ion Battery – 7.4V
  • Debris container – 4.5L
  • Power – 400
  • Charging time – 5-6h

VEKTRO AUTO Assembly Diagram

4. Included with the VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner:

  • 1 robotic cleaner
  • 1 power cable
  • 1 stainless steel filter
  • 1 deluxe adjustable cord pick-up kit
  • 4 sets of soft blades
  • 1 clip-on roller
  • 1 clip-on brush

VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner

5. Interchangeable brush and roller:


6. Easy Cleaning:

To clean the robot, remove it from the pool, unclip the top section and rinse the lower section and the mesh with a hose

VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner    Underneath the VEKTRO Pool Cleaner VEKTRO AUTO Pool Cleaner

7. Charging cable:

The charging cable comes with a 3 pin UK plug charging cable that can easily be pushed into the connection point on to the top of the cleaner as shown below, and the rubber protector can be closed again after use to stop any water from entering this port.

Chrging Point Auto Charging cable on the cleaner

8. Product Literature:

Please click the links below to download pdf literature

Duratech BrochureVektro Robotic Pool Cleaner User Manual

9. Product Video:

10. Availability

The lead time on all Vektro Pool Vacuum Cleaners as they are made to order are approx 3-5 working days

11. Delivery

The price includes FREE UK delivery.

12. Warranty:

1 Year parts-only warranty. Should a replacement part be required, it will be sent to the customer free of charge during the warranty period.

13. Assistance?

If you need any assistance or advice as to which model would be best for your pool, please feel free to Contact Us

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Product Literature:

Please click the links below to download pdf literature