Flotide Heat Pump 4.5kw to 12.5kw Swimming Pool for Summer Use ON/OFF


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Flotide Heat Pump 4.5kw  – 12.5kw Swimming Pool Heater for Summer Use only ON/OFF

Flotide Heat Pump ON/OFF

1. Description

Flotide Eco Heat Pumps in stock for fast delivery. These pool heaters offer outstanding value for money and are manufactured in the same factory and to the same high specification as the Hydropro and Inverter Heat Pumps. ECO Heat Pump now have digital control panel and smart black casing. As the cost of electricity has risen this type of heater has now become the most popular form of heating in the UK.

The Flotide Heat Pumps are an extremely efficient form of heating for your water with a Coefficient Of Performance (C.O.P.) of up to 4.7, which means for every £1 it costs to run you get up to £4.70 of heat transferred to the pool. Every 1kw of electricity costs on average of 30p per hour which means that running an Elecro 7.5kw Electric Heater will cost £2.25 per hour to run. Running this heater for 8 hours per day will cost £18.00 per day to run. By running a Heat Pump you can reduce these running costs by up to 80%, which means an hourly running cost of only 30p. That equates to a saving of £14.40 per day or £438 per month. Over a 5-month period you could save £2,190.00.

Flotide above ground pool Heat Pump Can Save You £££ Per Year against electric, gas or oil heaters and are more reliable heat source than solar

2. Features

  • High Coefficient Of Performance Up To 4.8
  • Extremely Compact Unit
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Precision Temperature Control Dial
  • Heating power input: 1.2kW
  • Heating capacity (A27/W27): 6.6kW
  • Heating capacity (A15/W25): 4.8kW
  • Maximum volume (good insulation): 25-30m³
  • Coefficient (C.O.P.) at A27/W27: 4.75
  • Coefficient (C.O.P.) at A15/W25: 4.53
  • Compressor: Rotary
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Fan quantity: 1
  • Fan power input: 80W
  • Fan rotate speed: 760RPM
  • Fan direction: Horizontal
  • Noise level (1 metres): 47dB(A)
  • Noise level (10 metres): 38dB(A)
  • 2 year warranty for heat pump, 5 year warranty for compressor and heat exchanger.

3. Sizing & Models

How to Calculate Your pool Water Volume:

You can easily calculate the water volume in your pool as follows: –

Round Pools

To calculate the volume of a round pool, you can use the formula

Pool Volume = 3.14 x radius x radius x depth

  1. Measure the diameter of the pool in metres
  2. Half the diameter to give the radius of the pool
  3. Multiply 3.14 x radius x radius x pool depth


A 12′ (3.66 m) diameter round above ground pool with a depth of 0.8m

Diameter = 12′ x 0.305 = 3.66m

Radius = 3.66 / 2 = 1.83m

Volume = 3.14 x 1.83 x 1.83 x 0.8m = 8.4 m3

Pool Volume (Litres)Recommended Heat Pump 
0 – 25,000LFlotide Swimming Pool Heat Pump Type A5/32-4.5Kw
25,000 – 35,000LFlotide Swimming Pool Heat Pump Type A7/32-6.6kW
35,000 – 45,000LFlotide Swimming Pool Heat Pump Type A10/32-9.6kW
45,000 – 60,000LFlotide Swimming Pool Heat Pump Type A13/32-12.5kW

4. Specifications

Flotide Specifications

5. Optional Extras

You may need some of our fittings so that you can add this heat pump to your pool, so please take a look at our Hose pipe and Fittings 

Or call us to get some help with these items.

You may need to purchase an additional length of pool hose to connect from your heat pump to the pool

We sell both 1.5″ and 1.25″ pool hose


6. Product Literature

Please click the links below to download pdf brochures for these products

Flotide Heat Pump User Manual
Flotide Heat Pump Spare parts
Flotide Heat Pump Data Sheet
Flotide Heat Pump Winter Ready Info
Flotide Heat Pump Safety Information

7. Warranty & Support

  • 2 year warranty for heat pump, 5 year warranty for compressor and heat exchanger.

We are happy to provide technical support for all swimming pool heat pumps that we supply. Please call us and we will advise you further.

8. Delivery

Flotide pool heat pumps are in stock in the UK  and can be shipped to any UK address on a 3-5 day delivery service.

The price includes FREE UK delivery.

We can ship the Flotide heat pumps to any country. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

9. Installation

Installation is very easy and straightforward.

The Flotide is connected to your existing pool pipework

It uses the existing pool circulation pump to pump the pool water through it.

Please see the user manual at the top this page on the literature tab for more information on how to install your Poolstyle Inverter heat pump

10. Videos

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Additional information

Weight40 kg

9.6kw, 6.6kw, 12.5kw, 4.5kw


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