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emma gibbensemma gibbens
11:54 29 Jun 23
Our pool is without doubt the best thing we have ever bought for the family. We use it everyday, the heater and filter system we bought with it is fantastic and so quiet. It looks so smart in our garden and is the talk of the neighbour hood!The wood looks amazing and is so solid. The rubber liner is soft to touch.We have had 6 people in it so far and there is still lots of room to move about in. It is a lovely height perfect for the kids and adults.I would Highley recommend these guys to buy a pool from, the transaction and information about what else we needed was amazing. Thank you guys so very much. A happy family means a happy mum!
Oliver Hugh-JonesOliver Hugh-Jones
15:11 15 Jun 22
Friendly and helpful company who sell great wooden pools for above ground or in ground installation.Trina (sales) and David (support) were great to deal with.
Sandra NugentSandra Nugent
16:30 14 Oct 21
Love our pool it’s like being on holiday
Eric GriffithsEric Griffiths
14:56 12 Oct 21
Overall, an excellent experience with an efficient and friendly company. Pool arrived as advised with nothing missing. Only issue was the lack of clear, sometimes ambiguous, build instructions which meant that I had to contact the company a number of times. They did their best to put things right. Recommended.
Bridget RuffellBridget Ruffell
17:52 01 Jun 21
Our Endless pool Fastlane is use. Perfect for some solid swimming in a shorter home pool. Great service from The Wooden Pool Store, thank you.
Kai DiefenbachKai Diefenbach
17:11 24 May 21

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Our pool is without doubt the best thing we have ever bought for the family. We use it everyday, the heater and filter system we bought with it is fantastic and so quiet. It looks so smart in our garden and is the talk of the neighbourhood!

The wood looks amazing and is so solid. The rubber liner is soft to touch.
We have had 6 people in it so far and there is still lots of room to move about in. It is a lovely height perfect for the kids and adults.
I would Highley recommend these guys to buy a pool from, the transaction and information about what else we needed was amazing. Thank you guys so very much. A happy family means a happy mum!

(Wooden Pool and heat pump etc July 2023)

Hi Nigel

I just wanted to tell you how amazing the new heatpump is. Thanks for your advice regarding it. We still have a pool that’s 30 degrees, unheard of for October. It was a great buy.
The pool has kept a lot of young families sane during lockdown!


Jackie Hoyland

(Thermotec Inverter 24kw heat pump October 2020)


I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your advice and help in choosing a heat pump for our pool (which arrived on Monday). I spoke to your team a couple of times on the phone before making a purchase and the advice that you gave was very useful.

We have installed the heat pump and are really pleased with it. It took about 20 hours to heat the pool to 28 degrees, so it should be very capable of maintaining a nice temperature for a decent proportion of the year. The pump looks like a solid and well made piece of kit.


Nick Watson

(Thermotec Eco Inverter 19kw June 2020)

Hi David,

Many thanks for your help in arranging the speedy delivery of the Heat Pump.

After some problems initially with insufficient power to the plant room, we are now up and running – at 28 degrees!

I recall you asking for a couple of photos for your gallery, which I’m pleased to send you.

Again, many thanks for your help and advice.

Best wishes,

Phil Robarts

(We supplied a Thermotec Inverter 29kw June 2020, photos are in our Photo Gallery)

Hi David i can not thank you enough, your knowledge is amazing. I set the parameters up as per instructions and hey its working fine 100% perfect !
If i get any queries in the future from my friends i will recommend Many Thanks Again.Stay SafeKind Regards
Pete South(Support given for Heat Perfector Pro, April 2020)

Very good product – Thermotec Inverter 9kw – easy to install for my Koi pond and it is good to have a wifi app to keep tabs. Excellent staff advice and followup. Highly recommended company

Don Paton

(Thermotec Inverter 9kw, Feb 2020)

Dear David at heatpumps4pools,

Many thanks for the exceptional service we have had from you to date. My technical expertise is far from knowledgeable, but you dealt with my queries with tact and efficiency. The price was spot on; delivery swift and efficient, and although the pump has yet to be comissioned, technichal queries have been dealt with by email within 5 mins !! So far I would rate you 110%.

I am an unbiased, individual customer, and would be more than happy to speak to any potential customers direct to allay any fears/reservations they may have about dealing with your company.

Kind regards


Just a quick note to let you know that we are really pleased with our Waterco heat pump, so much so that I have recommended your site to two friends who have been impressed at how warm our pool water is
We have not yet completed the decking around our pool, but once we do I will email you a photo of the heater installation
Thanks again

Thanks for your email and follow up. We are very happy with the DPL and on balance & reflection of price, performance, size, space requirements and COP ratio we are delighted with the result.  

Our pool is sitting at 26c (80F) never heard of before and I’m not moaning about the gas boiler being on ! Must be a first!

Thanks very much for the support & service received.

Thanks again


I am writing to say I have been very impressed with the heat pump, I reckon over the past 3 weeks it has already saved me over £200 in heating oil.

2 photos. I cannot think why we did not install a heap pump years ago.

I have swum more this year than for ages!

Hi David

All arrived and I am very pleased with the apparent quality of the heat pump.

Look forward to doing business with you again

Hi David

I am sitting here in Italy with the Eco7 successfully installed some 10 days ago and whirring away quite quietly. Even the text controller works, which I am chuffed about.


I like the unit, really I have no complaints so far, and I’m looking forward to using it in earnest now temperatures are improving.

Thanks again for all your help in getting my queries sorted.


Hi David

I am very grateful for the excellent service that you have always given. If you ever need a customer reference, please refer any clients to me

Many thanks – Graham .

Just to let you know that the 2 x eco7 units were safely delivered to Swindon today. Many thanks for your help and prompt delivery.

Kind regards, Jason

Hi David Just a note to thank you for all your help, advice and efficiency. We went down to our French house last weekend to find the heat pump installed and working beautifully.

As ever


Many thanks for your email, and also for arranging delivery for this Friday. We really appreciate your extra help for getting it out to us in France so quickly.

Best Wishes Tom

Hi David Sorry it has been a long time, the Dura 18 is working so well,it has got the pool temp to 85 to 89c since the second week in march,HEAVEN !

It was the best investment we could have ever made to the pool .We used to heat it with an oil heat exchanger you can imagine the cost of that!!

We have had ower first electric bill since running the pump . a very small increase, so pleased.

Thanks again

(Duratech Dura 18 heat pump)

Hi David,

AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took delivery yesterday morning, lucky for me my husband is on hols this week so it was plumbed in immediatly, temp was at 15.5 degrees,went to work, returned at 2200hrs and it was up to 17.5 degrees, got up at 0600hrs – 19 degrees, by early morning it reached the 20 degrees I had set it at, apparently it’s only kicked in once today to maintain the temp.

After seeing this unit working I now know that the old unit didn’t work as it should have from day one – all that time wasted – my poor fish – they’re now bombing around the pond at present (it’s going to cost me a fortune in food)

What an amazing peice of kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Over the next week I will attempt to take some photo’s for you, for you to use if you want, also I am chairman of South Devon Koi Club, although we are having problems with our website at present (nobody knows how to load anything on it) will quite happily get a link put on for your company when we can find a man that can.

Next month I have a pond visit – 2 clubs visiting, if you have any info you wish for me to pass around, I would be quite happy to do so.

Many thanks for your help in resolving my problems.


Hi David

Many thanks, Heat pump doing well and I have been swimming despite our cold, wet weather (in Scotland)

Regards, Maggie

Thank you so much for your help, I’m so impressed with the pump, keeping a steady 24 degrees – fish are loving it. It was a big outlay for me, but one of the best I have made, would recommend this pump to anyone who is thinking of heating their pond

Regards, Karen
(Duratech Dura+ heat pump)

Hi We are saving around £60 to £70 per week heating the indoor swimming pool,the heat pump is the best thing we have invested in, it works a treat even our energy suppliers have queryed the meter readings,good news we are saving lots.

(Duratech Dura+22T heat pump, 2012)

I just wanted to thank you (and your supplier) for your kind assistance making the repairs to our Heatperfector unit – you were both really attentive and the unit is working fine (hopefully warm water in the next few days).
David (repair to Heat Perfector heat pump April 2012)

Hi David,

Just to let you know that the pump was delivered to the house on Friday morning. Should have been fitted and commissioned by now so, hopefully all is well.

I’d just like to record what a pleasure it’s been dealing with you! You’ve kept me informed throughout the process and always been happy to accommodate my specific requests for paperwork etc.

Regrettably, while yours is the standard I would expect, it seems it’s a rarity these days.

With my sincere thanks and kind regards,

(Heat Siphon Sent to Portugal, 2012)

Hi David,

I am pleased to say that the refurbished Aquatherm Pro heat pump that you supplied is working extremely well.

Although I retained our oil boiler as an emergency booster, I’ve not had to use it at all this year, in spite of the rubbish weather we’ve had.

J Grant
(Refurbished Aquatherm Pro, Aug 2012)

Hi David

Sorry for the delay in sending you some pictures of my Heat pump For my koi pond you supplied

May I say what a fantastic service you have supplied me.

Many Thanks

J Noel (June 2012)


Many thanks for your speedy reply and excellent service.

Best regards

Joel (Aug 2012)

Hi David

Just to let you know that all is running smoothly with the heat pump and I’m relieved to say the wife is much calmer! Temperature in the pool is now 17 so on target for 27 on Christmas Day. Thanks for all you help and advice.

John (Dec 2012)

Hi David

Just a note to confirm that the winter cover for our heat pump arrived 15 mins ago – a doddle to install

Thanks for your help & fast delivery


Roy (Oct 2012)

Hi David

I thought you might like the attached photo. Now we are in the depths of ice and snow, the heat pump is really showing its worth by keeping my pond at a nice steady 10 degrees C even overnight when it is hitting –5 outside.

(T Hogg – Jan 2013)

Hi David
I have emailed back the positives of the pump and your support to us as well
All going very well and has worked all over the winter very well.
No gas heating back up required so far!
(Dura+55T on school pool)

I have to say out of all the money I spent on my state of the art Koi pond, this is the best piece of equipment I bought. It surprised me how little I had to do with it. I just turned it on, set the thermostat to 23 degrees and left it to it. I never had to touch it again all the time it was on my pond. Absolutely brilliant. I can’t ever imagine why anyone would use a gas system now these are available.

(Koi pond 2013)


I would just like to say thank you and what great service. Pool heater arrived as promised on the 29th, it was a good job we had it delivered to our address as it’s a big lump and the guy dropped it off right by the old one, perfect!

(Louise – Duratech 13 May 2013)

Dear David, Thanks for all your help with the heater, and for helping re. the wiring problem, just an ultra sensitive fuse board! Now sorted and running, up 2 degrees in a couple of days, great!Pictures for your gallery as promised. (By the way the tree behind isn’t as close as it looks, it is a branch which by chance goes almost horizontal behind the machine!)

Kind regards Jane (May 2013)


Just to say thanks for helping to get this done. The fan motor arrived today and the heat pump is now running.

It was the hp exploded views on your website that was the key to sorting the correct id for the fan.

Thanks again and good luck with your business.


David (replacement fan motor for caravan park July 2013)

…the pool just reached the 27.5C set point (6.5 hours today, 21-24C ambient, 2C in/out flow difference) – impressive !!


Roger (Duratech Dura+19 July 2013)

Hi David

Following our recent discussion, I have been monitoring the unit, and for 20C ambient the operating time is just under 5 hours per day, which is not bad for a 135,000 litre pool, and I have actually increased the running temperature by 1C which means it will still probably be heating up the pool structure and adjacent ground.

I am also currently running the unit in the hottest part of the day, from noon to 5pm, but will adjust these times as the weather gets cooler (I have an electronic timer on the filter pump).

From the 410a COP curves I have estimated the following running times, so it will be interesting to see what the actual values are over the next 12 months, since you recommended that I needed two 19+ units for the pool but I had predicted that one unit would be sufficient:

20C ambient COP 5.25 actual running time 5 hours daily cost £2.30
15C ambient COP 5.0 predicted running time 5.25 hours daily cost £2.42
10C ambient COP 4.5 predicted running time 5.83 hours daily cost £2.68
5C ambient COP 3.8 predicted running time 6.9 hours daily cost £3.18
0C ambient COP 3.1 predicted running time 8.5 hours daily cost £3.90
-5C ambient COP 2.0 predicted running time 13.1 hours daily cost £6.04

There will be increased losses from the pool in the colder weather, and also defrost cycles on the heat pump, which will both increase the running times.

I am currently saving over 50% compared with heating the pool via the oil boiler (which is now set to supplement the pool heating if the heat pump fails to achieve 28C), so the pay-back should be less than 3 years.



(single Dura+19 heat pump on 135m3 indoor pool, August 2013)

Hi David,

Here are some pics of my installation of dura7+ on a Viking Jacuzzi.

As I said it maintains the pool at 40c effortlessly all year round for around 2-3 hours running per day

All the best


(Dura+7 on Jacuzzi 2014)

I am delighted with the Eco+9 pool heater, which I have running beside my above-ground 12′ x 24′ Intex pool holding 30,000 litres.

A few details for your interest:

I run the heater between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day. The pool heater is costing me around £50 per month to run – a pretty reasonable outlay, in my view.

I set the pool heater up on May 5th 2014. The water temperature was initially 14.5 C and within about four days it was up to 22 C. Since then it has ranged between 22.5 C – 26 C, with the temperature target set to 27 C. I use a solar pool cover at night and the water pipes to and from the pool are insulated with black pipe insulation.

I have attached a few pics. (zip file) which you are welcome to use on your website if you wish.

Kind Regards

Mike Garwood

(Eco+9  June 2014)


Just to let you know that the heat pump is working well, temp went from 6c to 13c in two days really pleased!

So thanks for all your help and the additional parts.


(Duratech Dura+7 on pond – Dec 2014)

Thanks David,

Great to speak to you again also and thanks for your continued assistance.

I would like to say how grateful we are to you for such a professional, efficient and reliable service. As you know, we have had many suppliers of all types on the South of France project. You and your colleagues are without doubt right at the top of them.

We have no hesitation in using your services again nor highly recommending you to others.

Once again, Many thanks, and best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


(Duratech Dura+90T heat pump, France, Dec 2014)

Hi David,

Great, the pump is all connected and working well. Temperature is increasing nicely.

Thank you for your help


(Eco+6 heat pump, above ground pool, UK, April 2015)

Thank you, your help is appreciated. It is always comforting when good sales support is backed up with excellent aftersales care.

Chris Scott May 2015    

Hi David,

Well, Saturday was more fun than I expected and the installation went surprisingly smoothly! I absolutely love the heat pump. It’s totally transformed the way we heat the pool without having to worry about the cost. We’ve been in there for 2 days running and I don’t think I’ll get much work done over the next few days either so thanks so much for your help. I’m so glad I decided to do a live chat on your website a month or so ago as it’s really made such a difference.

Thanks again

(David Payne, Polytropic heat pump July 2016)

Hot Splash Heat pump.

Works a treat. Best investment ever. Gone are the days of jumping into a cold pool. I have a 10ft round pool and it heats it up to my set temp which is 28 deg c. Possibly could get pool warmer but 28 deg is warm enough for me.

(Hot Splash heat pump July 2016 via eBay)

Dear David

The Dura 7+ is now fully installed and seems to be working very well.

Kind regards – and thanks again for the super support service from your company. I would be happy to act as a contact point for any of your clients who might like a reference.

Kind regards

Archie Garden (Dura+7 July 2016)

Hi guys

Just an update to let you know how the polytropic is getting on.
After I had completed all the pipe work and back washed the sand filter, I finally turned on the heat pump at 19.00 hrs. The pool temp at that time was 16 degrees. It ran overnight which was quite cold but by morning the pool temp was 21 which I thought was very impressive. By the end of that day it was 25.5! It runs from 7.00 in the morning to 17.00 at night, controlled by its own timer which I moved from the heat pump to inside the pump shed. I generally lose 2 degrees overnight and it usually drops to 23-24 but by midday it’s back up to 25-26, the hottest it has been so far is 29.5 which was a hot day and it felt like a bath! Anything above 25 is lovely to swim in. The pool is 19ft X 8ft and holds 15,500 litres so is a good size and I’m very impressed with how the heat pump is working and especially how quiet it is.
The solar cover you supplied is kept on all the time the pool it not being used.
Here are some pics to add to your website if needed.
Thanks again for all your help and making my daughter a very happy little girl on her school holidays!
Kind regards

Martin Rands

Dear Nigel,

Please find attached pictures showing heatpump maintaining 13 degrees centigrade on a very cold morning well below freezing.

It has been such a pleasure to have the unit since august as l could control the natural fall in temperature from September which has made health benefits to the koi.

I now wake up on freezing cold morning and the koi will feed as if it’s a warm day as pictures show.

So many people told me it’s to expensive to heat a pond. But the cost of insulation with a cover and to pipes and filter is not.

The additional electricity cost is only small.

So for the pleasure it has given me its all worth it.

Most importantly is the koi health, the benefit is huge.


Andy (Dura+7 on pond Dec 2016)

Hi Guys,

Just a quick feedback email and thank you.

Heat pump I collected you the other day is working excellently. Really pleased with it, thanks for your help.


Jon stephens

(Eco+ heat pump June 2017)


An update on my installation a few weeks in.

Everything seems to be working well.  

I got the electrics sorted by a local electrician who had to fit a new consumer unit to enable us to have a type D fuse as our existing consumer unit was 35 years old!

In the end I have used the timer on the heat pump. I have set the heat pump to come on half an hour after the filter pump starts and go off half an hour before the filter pump finishes. This seems to work very well and, of course, once the pool got up to temperature the heat pump switches off once the overnight heat loss has been recovered.

Overall, so far, a successful project. I’ve taken a 30 year old pool which was never used and turned it into a working pool which is being used and enjoyed every day of the summer.

The quote I got from a professional pool person to do a turnkey overhaul was well into 5 figures and I’ve down the whole thing myself for about £6k all in.

Next job is I’m going to tile the entire pool and replace the coping stones and flags.

Thanks for all your help and advice which was very helpful indeed.

Best regards
Ian Robinson

(Duratech Dura 22, solar cover, pool pump, filter, rainbow feeder etc, June 2017)

Hello David

The soft start device took some thinking through to fit and change all the wiring for it

The good news was amazing in that the pump is working brilliantly!!

I want to thank you for sticking with me and helping find a solution; terrific customer support.

Many many thanks again!!

Stephen Willis

(Soft start module on Polytropic heat pump July 2017)

Wow !! What and amazing job and an amazing service from you guys.

Thank you so much.

If there is anywhere we can leave a review for you please let me have a link and I would be more than happy to recommend you.

Thanks again 

Joanne Dron

(Sept 2017)

Hi Nigel,

Just wanted to say thanks for the swift delivery everything received perfectly and I have fitted the control panel and its working swimmingly !

Kindest regards,

(Replacement display supplied for Garden Pac heat pump, April 2018)

Hi James,

As discussed today, David at HeatPumps4Pools is the man to contact for all your indoor pool needs and advice. The customer service / aftercare is superb, faultless! If we go ahead with the Mayfair project he will be the supplier for everything from the general / specific hardware and the rising floor. Do ask him about the liquid Pool cover system, and David, I’ve run out of it in France mate.

I have no hesitation in recommending him so please get in touch, he’s copied in on this email but I will share the contact as well.

All the best,

(Referral from one customer to another, May 2018)

Hello David
Just to let you know the pool heater has been delivered actually 2 hours after we arrived!!
All quick and easy
Everyone has been very helpful and we would like to thank you for organising the delivery. we were very impressed  (and that doesn’t often happen!!)
Thank you and best regards
Hazel and Dennis
(Thermotec Inverter Heat Pump Delivered to Spain June 2018)

Hi Nigel.

Just a note to say thank you for your help and prompt action. The replacement control panel arrived this morning .

Steve Browning

(Waterco replacement display August 2018)

Hi Nigel,

How’s things?

The Airsource HeatPump you supplied is the best thing we have invested in since buying the pool, it works A1!

Jeff and Christine Earl

(Feedback on August 2018 re Fairland Inverter Plus IPH35 13.5kw purchased in 2017)

Hi David

A great machine. Extremely efficient.

Iain MacLaverty

(Thermotec Inverter 20kw Sept 2018)

David, I have sent the pictures of my installation under separate email. The pump is working well and I will run it for 36 hours to test the effectiveness but so far I am very impressed with the quietness of the unit. I have to be within 5-6 metres to hear it running!
I would also like to say how impressed I have been with your service and support. You have been most helpful and always available when needed. My thanks to the other staff in your office who have always been most knowledgeable.
I will let you know the final result when the unit gets the pool up to temperature.
Thanks again
Stephen Nobbs
(Thermotec Inverter 12kw in Portugal, October 2018)
Hi Trina,
As promised, a photo of our Heat Pump Installation.
It has been running now since July last year. We have a 14,000 litre ‘Endless Pool’ which we keep at 26.5 degrees.
We’ve been using it at this temperature throughout the winter even when it was a foot of snow on the ground.
Our pool is outside, but well insulated.
Cost of heating has been between £1.20 per day in the summer and £2.20 in the winter (peaked at about £2.80 when it snowed)
We’ve not fitted the Wi-Fi card yet as it just seems to run fine without any interaction as it is (and we don’t have a Wi-Fi access point close enough)It’s relatively quiet (all heat pumps make some noise) but we don’t notice it.Kind regards
(Thermotec Inverter 12kw on swimspa in UK March 2019)
Hi to all
After a few issues with my purchase, and not giving up I found the customer after service of these guys absolutely outstanding, my issues resolved and a very happy family using a lovely heated pool. I would strongly recommend this company to anybody.
Thanks guys for all your hard work
Dave Clarke – August 2019

Dear David,

That was the trick! I’d previously disconnected the data cable, but that didn’t do it.

Pressure switch now reconnected and set to correct pressure using your excellent notes.

I’m very grateful for your help, and if you’d like to send me your bank details I’ll gladly pay for your professional advice. £20?

Kind regards

Martin   (Repair of Duratech Dura 18 Nov 2019)

Dear David,

Thank you so much for resolving the issue I had with my Dura+10 heat pump.

Just a little something for your time, enjoy. (box of chocolates and thank you card sent to the office)

Kind regards

Dave Edwards

(Technical support for a second hand Duratech Dura+10  Dec 2019)